Rough Draft for Reforming Belarus
Reforms? Are you crazy?
Introduction to our “Rough Draft for Reforming Belarus”
As we write our “Rough Draft for Reforming Belarus,” repression in the country is rife and there is a war at our doorstep. It might seem more reasonable to simply give up: Belarusians have run out of steam, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to believe a better tomorrow is possible. So why even think about reforms?
everything for Minsk, but nothing for the regions?
Ivan Shchadranok
how to prevent the extinction of the Belarusian people
Lev Lvovskiy
How to Get Everyone in the Healthcare System to Stop Hating
One Another
Lidziya Tarasenka
What’s Wrong with the Education System
Tatyana Kovalyonak
why are we building digital Belarus?
Pavel Liber
how to prevent a new authoritarianism after Lukashenka
Ryhor Astapenia
why does Belarus need a separate Equality Act?
Ekaterina Deikalo
how to get more women to enter Belarusian politics
Lesia Rudnik
outline of the future of Belarus
What values unite
the pro-democratic
part of society?
rough draft for reforming Belarus
This is a project of the Center for New Ideas and Zerkalo, in which experts and practitioners briefly describe what key reforms in our country could look like - if a window of opportunity opens for this.
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